If you wish to collect your slabs from nr Kettering, Northamptonshire then you can!  Please click the link below.




We shall then follow up with an emailed invoice with payment details.  Please ensure that you fully complete the delivery information so that we can assure a smooth delivery for you as it allows us to troubleshoot ahead of time.  Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone!



Deliveries will take place between 9am and 5pm unless you have requested and paid for an AM or PM delivery.  Our deliveries are made via a courier company and therefore we do not have live information regarding your delivery times. 



If you require delivery to be made to anywhere other than an address with postcode and smooth hard standing, please indicate this on the order form and we will contact you to discuss before we issue an invoice.  WE CANNOT USUALLY DELIVER TO A FIELD / PADDOCK UNLESS SPECIFIC CRITERIA ARE MET, please contact us before ordering to discuss your requirements in this case.



If you can get a bin lorry in, or if a kerbside delivery is possible from an 18t lorry then please choose that option. Availability of the 7.5t lorries is more problematic, they cannot always be guaranteed to be available, leading to delivery problems.

7.5t/12t Lorry

18t Lorry



The slabs are very heavy and therefore there are weight restrictions on pallet sizes that the lorry tail lifts can handle.


Delivery costs are calculated by our shipping partners and charged PER PALLET SPACE on the delivery network, not per delivery drop off, so bear this in mind when ordering.


 Multiple pallets can usually be delivered at the same time if required:


 A 7.5/12 tonne lorry can only handle up to 25 sq metres per pallet (100 slabs per pallet/700kg)


 An 18 tonne lorry can only handle up to 35 sq metres per pallet (140 slabs per pallet/980kg)

We are aware that users of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge can have issues with completing and submitting this order form.  If you run in to difficulties, please download our order form (right click if not automatic) and email to us.

Is there a smooth hard standing area (for the delivery lorry to offload using a tail lift)?
Is there a fork lift/manitou/tractor with forks (capable of lifting 1 tonne safely) on site?
Can a 7.5 tonne/12 tonne, 16' long vehicle access your delivery location?
Can an 18 tonne / 28' long vehicle access your delivery location?
Are there any road restrictions en route? If yes, please detail in the additional comments section below.
Do you require a timed delivery? (Additional charges apply)
If you are having issues with submitting the order form, or did not see the pop-up box when you hit Submit Order then please download the order form HERE (right click the link if it does not auto download)

As soon as we receive your payment (by bank transfer, full details will be on the Invoice, or by debit or credit card over the phone) we will contact you to find out the best delivery day for you.


DISCLAIMER:  Mudcontrol Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that may arise from the movement of animals and/or livestock on or across the goods.  Animals can lose footing on ANY surface and whilst every effort has been made during the design and production of the slabs to make them slip-resistant we cannot guarantee that this will never happen. 

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