We love our product and so do our customers and below is a snapshot of the reviews we have received.  We get lots of great reviews and photographic evidence of how brilliant our slabs are on Facebook, so if you want to read up to date reviews from customers, using our slabs in lots of different situations, then head on over to our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Beyond brilliant!


I wouldn't have survived last winter without them!


Can’t tell you how pleased with them we are - I’ve got an 18T truck that I roll over that slab maybe twice a week in all this rain on my crappy ground and they have stayed absolutely perfect, literally like concrete!

Having had two years dealing with clay soup in this gateway we put the slabs down on top of membrane and planings and we haven’t seen a drop come through even after yesterday’s horrendous rain, the before pic was early Dec. We previously created a turnout area with the slabs and can’t recommend them enough.


We’ve had awful problems with the path our mares have to walk down to get to their field.  It would have been like deep, clay slurry by now with all the rain we’ve had, instead we have a 365 day mud free path.  I really can’t recommend these highly enough, once you’ve laid your first order, you’ll be wanting to order more!  I certainly want more and I’ve had 2 pallets already!

These mats are literally the best!!! I had my doubts, as we all do with things that claim to be so good!! They are the best investment ever and the Team at Mudcontrol are super helpful which makes the whole process easy!! With all this wet weather I think I would be completely pulling my hair out by now if it wasn't for these!!


OMG, I *love* my mats! When they arrived, I was very doubtful that they’d work, but they took virtually no time to lay and look amazing!

10m2 in front of our mobile shelter where my hay is stored. A test area for the winter, hopefully make fetching two bales at a time easier. Dad impressed by the product and he’s hard to please!!


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