One of the most asked questions is "should I use slabs in my shelter?"  Here is our answer...

If your shelter/stable isn't situated in the worst draining part of the field, and isn't facing the prevailing wind, it SHOULD stay dry inside, in which case you honestly won't need our slabs inside - it would be better with an earth floor and bedding. 

(Of course if the shelter is facing the wrong way and can't be moved, or is in a totally waterlogged area of the field, then our slabs are the answer - they won't sink and they'll raise the level a couple of inches and can then be topped with rubber matting or sand or bedding.)

But if your shelter stays reasonably dry inside, as shown in the first photo below, then you'd be much better putting slabs in front of it or to the side, or around it. A 'patio' area out the front gives a solid area for the horses to stand on and dry off, and prevents mud from being carried into the shelter. 

These photos were taken at the same time after a deluge, on heavy clay. The shelter is dry inside. The ground 10 metres away is absolutely waterlogged. 

So it's better to use our slabs outside the shelter if it stays dry inside on its own!


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