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When looking at a surface for a yard, drive or path, a lot of people immediately think of concrete.  However, not only is concrete production very environmentally impactful, concrete can cause damage to the most fertile layer of the earth, the topsoil and by creating a hard surface, you increase surface run off which in turn can actually cause further flooding problems, soil erosion and water pollution.


Another thing to remember is that once you have laid your concrete, your money has been sunk into the ground.   You also need to carry out extensive ground preparation and employ professionals to ensure a good finish... and once down, you cannot change your mind!


Concrete can crack and degenerate under harsh weather conditions and if part of it fails, it is usually necessary to replace a large section to help retain integrity.  Concrete is also not an easy material to recycle or dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

Lastly, you generally require planning permission to lay swathes of concrete, and you will most certainly have second thoughts about spending money on improving a rental yard with a surface you cannot take with you. 


As a stark contrast, Mudcontrol slabs are a one time purchase and can be laid and relaid and taken with you wherever you go.  You can expand and adapt your areas at any time.  They are made from recycled household plastics, are guaranteed not to leach any nasties into the ground and their unique construction means that they actually stabilise and improve the ground beneath them without causing unwanted run off or exacerbating soil erosion.  Mudcontrol slabs are very straightforward to lay.  With minimal ground preparation, people of all ages can create a surface in no time.  Finally, as they are a temporary, easily removable solution, planning permission is generally not required (we do, however, recommend that you check with your local authority).


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