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  • Produced without preservatives

  • Reduces the strain on landfills, is sustainably environmentally friendly

  • Recyclable in the material cycle

  • Awarded the "BLUE ANGEL" eco-label

  • Water neutral

  • Non-toxic (safe according to DIN 71, Section 3 Playground Regulation)

  • Water-repellent, weather-resistant and weather-proof

  • Extremely robust, maintenance-free and durable

  • Resistant against acids, brines, oils, salt water and urine

  • Excellent price-performance ratio

  • Environment protection through sustainability and water-neutrality

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Up until November 2021, Mudcontrol Limited slabs sales were responsible for recycling 4,896,000kg of plastic waste - that is 4896 tonnes of plastic waste that has not gone to landfill and has been repurposed into this durable and sustainable product.

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That is equivalent to 26 Boeing 747s or 816 African elephants of plastic waste that has not gone to landfill or been released in to our oceans, simply repurposed in to a long-lasting, continuously recycled product!

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This is 44 acres of land that has not been turned into permanent hardstanding with concrete or hardcore use.

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This is land that has retained its free draining properties and therefore does not contribute towards problems within flood plans, and land that can be returned to a natural state within a few hours.  

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All of our recycled, plastic products can be lifted, cleaned and recycled again at the eventual end of their useful life.

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Mudcontrol continues to work along this ethos, contributing towards the wellbeing of our countryside and world for years to come.

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