Collection is welcome, by appointment, for hand loading into a car, trailer or horsebox. We've had a lot of practice and are pretty good at this by now!

Collections can be done at any time, including at weekends and in the evening, as long as we know when you are coming to collect.

We are near Kettering, NN6 postcode area.

There is a small collection charge to cover having the slabs brought here for collection, at cost, of 54p per square metre including VAT (We have multiple pallets brought here once a month and get a special deal.) So it's £7.74 per slab total, to collect.

Please fill out the Collection order form on the website if you would like to proceed, and we will invoice you, and send full directions as soon as we have received payment.

If you’d like to wait and pay when you are here, based on how many you can fit into your car, van or trailer, that’s fine too.

Each slab weighs 7kg (1 stone), please bear this in mind.

Please wear suitable footwear for loading (not sandals, we’ve seen some very nasty painful bruises from customers dropping slabs on their toes).

Please maintain social distancing when we are helping you to load your vehicle or trailer.

If you are collecting a full pallet or more please try to bring someone with you to help load if possible.

We can usually get about 8 square metres into most cars, 10-12 square metres into an estate car or big 4x4 or pickup, and a full pallet or so into a two-horse trailer, for example.

The benefit of this is that at your end you can usually drive the slabs to exactly where you want to lay them, which our delivery company can very rarely do...

Any questions? Please ask.