1.  GET FUNDRAISING! You have until 12 September 2021 to place your order, so start shaking those buckets now.

2.  ORDER YOUR PALLETS!  Use the dedicated order form below to order your pallets.  You can order as many pallets as you require, of either or both sizes.  Each 25 sq m pallet will cost you £552 and a 35 sq m pallet will cost you £772.80, VAT included.  Delivery is NOT included, so if you need to know your delivery costs before placing your order, please contact us!

3. RECEIVE YOUR PRO FORMA INVOICE!  After placing your order, you will receive your invoice, complete with delivery charges.  Once you are happy, contact us to make payment and book your delivery in.

4.  DO A LITTLE HAPPY DANCE!  Congratulations!  You have just made your life a whole lot easier for years to come.  Don't forget to send us a photo of your finished project!

We are aware that users of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge can have issues with completing and submitting this order form.  If you run in to difficulties, please download our order form (right click if not automatic) and email to us.

Is there a smooth hard standing area (for the delivery lorry to offload using a tail lift)?
Is there a fork lift/manitou/tractor with forks (capable of lifting 1 tonne safely) on site?
Can a 7.5 tonne/12 tonne, 16' long vehicle access your delivery location?
Can an 18 tonne / 28' long vehicle access your delivery location?
Can an articulated lorry access your delivery location?
Are there any road restrictions en route? If yes, please detail in the additional comments section below.
Do you require a timed delivery? (Additional charges apply)
If you are having issues with submitting the order form, or did not see the pop-up box when you hit Submit Order, then please download the order form HERE (right click the link if it does not auto download)

As soon as we receive your payment (by bank transfer, full details will be on the Invoice, or by debit or credit card over the phone) we will send a VAT invoice and be in touch for you to choose a delivery day.



You should receive an email with a two hour delivery window as a guideline, on the delivery day you have chosen. These emails aren’t sent out until your order is loaded onto the delivery lorry, so if you don’t get it in the morning, your delivery will be on the lorry’s second or third run of the day. 

We always request that the drivers should call ahead of delivery, and if they don’t then they have to wait for you if necessary.

DISCLAIMER:  Mudcontrol Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that may arise from the movement of animals and/or livestock on or across the goods.  Animals can lose footing on ANY surface and whilst every effort has been made during the design and production of the slabs to make them slip-resistant we cannot guarantee that this will never happen.